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What is Long Time Ago Radio?

Welcome to Long Time Ago Radio, a podcast about Star Wars. Whether you’re from the class of 77′ or Rogue One was your first movie, you’re welcome here. Long Time Ago Radio aims to be a conversational and celebratory podcast for all types of fans. Our goal is to create an inclusive and fun environment for everyone, and delve into aspect of fandom many might not know about, or know very little.

Show Notes

For our fourth episode we’re talking all about New Canon! How to get started, what you should read and watch, and how it affects the overall story line.



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Book / Watch Recommendations

If you’re not totally sure where to start we compiled a nice little list of our favorite stuff so far in the new canon.

  1. Clone Wars (TV) <- it’s on Netflix, you have no excuse!
  2. Lost Stars
  3. Bloodlines
  4. Star Wars Vol. 1
  5. Darth Vader Vol. 1
  6. Shattered Empire
  7. Princess Leia
  8. Star Wars Rebels (Only after you finish Clone Wars)
  9. Dark Disciple (Only after you’ve finished Clone Wars)
  10. Vader Down

Videos You Should Watch

What’s Up Next?

jedi sith

In our next episode, airing July 17th, we’re talking all about the Jedi and Sith, the philosophies that differentiate them, as well as the entities that exist in the middle. It’s about to get deep and overly philosophical, so brace yourself.

If you’d like to write into the show with a question, you can do so by emailing us at You can also follow the show on Twitter and Facebook for more updates on when special events, episodes, and meet-ups take place.

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